Karmen Spiljak


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Pass the Cyanide
A collection of culinary mysteries with recipes

The 2023 Wishing Shelf Book Awards Bronze

Awards Finalist: The 2023 Indies Today, The 2024 Book Excellence Awards

Savour the spicy tang of dark and twisted tales in Pass the Cyanide, a follow-up to the award-winning collection of culinary mysteries, Add Cyanide to Taste. Each story is a rich and satisfying serving of crime, with a twist that will leave you wanting more. All recipes provided are cyanide-free.

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Add Cyanide to Taste

‘The 14 well-crafted culinary noir stories in Spiljak's debut collection efficiently establish character and mood. Fans of Rob Hart's Take-Out and Other Tales of Culinary Crime will feel sated.’

~Publishers Weekly

No Such Thing As Goodbye

‘Packed with action and thematically rich, this globe-crossing crime thriller stands out.’

~BookLife Review (Editor’s Pick)

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Book 2
No Such Thing As Goodbye
Book 1
Add Cyanide to Taste
Book 1