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Karmen Spiljak


White female with shprt black hair in a park, holding a copy of her book. The book has a yellow cover with a poison bottle and a chef's hat on it. The title is Add Cyanide to Taste

'Add Cyanide to Taste' wins an award

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The short story collection, ‘Add Cyanide to Taste’, won the 2022 IndieReader Discovery Award for short stories. The book’s review states:

Karmen Špiljak is a wonderful, welcome voice to culinary noir with ADD CYANIDE TO TASTE, a collection of delightful, delectable, twisty short stories and a cross-genre foodie delight. All built around food, the themes travel the gamut from love to revenge to curses to a very special kind of bar to call home. There are even recipes in the back (although the author cautions not to add cyanide). The stories feature strong, interesting characters, imaginative situations that range from funny to terrifying to everything in between, excellent plot twists, beautiful writing to please the senses, and great integration of the culinary aspects.


IndieReader Discovery Review of 'Add Cyanide to Taste'

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Add Cyanide to Taste
A collection of dark tales with culinary twists

This award-winning collection of culinary noir serves up a feast of danger and deceit where each dish is a delectable puzzle waiting to be solved, and every bite could be your last. Fourteen short stories are a must-read for foodies who relish a side of danger with their suspense. All recipes provided are cyanide-free.

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