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Karmen Spiljak


No Such Thing as Goodbye
A spy with a criminal past. A dark family secret. Freedom at the cost of betrayal.

Toni fakes her death to escape her criminal family, only to get caught in Mexico City’s world of deceit and spying. She’s no James Bond, but passes all the trials and builds a new life. When the word gets around that her brother is coming to town, Toni must confront her past. Will she run once more or will she fight for her freedom?

No Such Thing as Goodbye’ has been shortlisted and received an Honourable mention at the Black Spring Crime Fiction Prize 2020 and was longlisted for the Exeter Novel Prize 2020.

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Released on July 1, 2022
What Readers Say...

‘Packed with action and thematically rich, this globe-crossing crime thriller stands out.’

~ BookLife Review (Editor’s Pick)

‘I read this book in two days, couldn't put it down. I particularly enjoyed the well developed character of the main protagonist, the subtlety of her story and reading a thriller that didn't centre around a weary detective for once.’

~ NetGalley Reviewer

‘No such Thing As Goodbye succeeds on every level- story, characters, dialogue. Karmen Spiljak offers thriller/crime/suspense and a cute kitty to expose corruption.’

~ Reedsy Discovery Reviewer

‘If you like spy novels, novels with strong female characters, or mysteries, I would recommend this book to you and I will look forward to other work from this amazing author.’

~ Goodreads Reviewer

‘A page turner that kept me entertained till the very end!’

~ The Page Ladies

‘What an undownputtable pleasure! Every word and turn of events was savoured.’

~ Goodreads Reviewer

‘I think this book kind of has everything that a mystery/suspense novel should have: a dark and gritty backstory for the main character, a loveable cat, a quirky mysterious mentor, lots of disguises and tension filled scenarios…’

~ NetGalley Reviewer

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