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Karmen Spiljak


Add Cyanide to taste translated to Portuguese

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The short story collection of culinary noir, ‘Add Cyanide to Taste’ is now available also in Portuguese.  The book was launched at the Belgian Residence in São Paulo. The translator, Regiane Winarski, who translates Stephen King,  was present at the book launch with her team.

Two white women holding books, one Add Cyanide to Taste, the other one Acrescente Cianureto a gosto, both almost identical yellow covers with a chef's heat, a skull and a medicinal bottle on the cover

Acrescene Cianureto a Gosto is available in all the online retailers


Add Cyanide to Taste
A collection of dark tales with culinary twists

This award-winning collection of culinary noir serves up a feast of danger and deceit where each dish is a delectable puzzle waiting to be solved, and every bite could be your last. Fourteen short stories are a must-read for foodies who relish a side of danger with their suspense. All recipes provided are cyanide-free.

Buy the Ebook directly from the author or from any major retailer.